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I'm a certified, holistic nutrition coach and I'm here to help you navigate what it means to shop, eat and cook for a healthy lifestyle. We'll start our session with an intake conversation that will help us define your goals. Then we will measure your current baseline so we can build an action plan to get you where you want to be. Along the way, I'll be there to help you make decisions and give you ideas on making smart modifications.

  • Nutrition intake session: $65 for 1-hour - we talk about your triggers, eating habits, support systems and barriers from past diets.
  • Two week diet monitoring: FREE - I give you the tools and you track your food.
  • Analysis of diet monitoring period: $65 - I'll review your 2-week food intake and make recommendations based on what I see. I'll develop a summary report for you so you have the basic structure of things you can modify as you move forward. I can email you the report, or you can choose a more complete option of an in-person review with me.
  • In-person review and action plan meeting: FREE - after I produce the written report of your current diet, I give you the option of sitting down for a 1-hour meeting where we review the report together and figure out the best steps for you to take over the next 3 months.
  • Shopping trip: I'll do what most people won't - I'll take the time to go shopping with you at your favorite grocery store and help you navigate the products they offer to find the healthiest options for you. This is a shopping experience billed at $65 per hour and includes interactive tips, tricks and techniques you can use everyday. You are responsible for paying for any groceries purchased.
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