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20/20 Referrals

As a practitioner, I pride myself on the high-quality service that each and every customer receives. My highest compliment is when existing clients refer others to me. That’s why I offer 20/20 Referral Bonuses to all my clients. Here is how they work:

The first 20 (new client discount)

If you have a friend, co-worker or even someone you just met on Facebook who would benefit from my skills as a massage therapist, wellness professional and fitness coach, then give them my website information – and let them know that they get an automatic $20 off any massage session* when they list your name as the person referring them in the comments section of the appointment/booking.


The best 20 (Fit Well Fresh client bonus)

$20 off a massage is awesome, but I save the best deal for YOU - the person who made the referral to my practice. You don’t just get $20 off – I’ll give you a 1-hour session for JUST $20*! That’s right. An hour-long massage for only $20* - no gimmicks. And if you’d like a 90-minute session, I’ll let the savings carry over, you just need to pay the additional $25 and you’ll get a 1.5-hour long massage for just $45.

Here’s how it works. When I get a new client appointment who references your name as the person who recommended me:

  1. I'll immediately note the referral in your account so you receive your bonus when you book your next session,  and then

  2. I'll send you a message to the email you have registered to let you know you can redeem your $20 massage.

Not tricks. Nothing for you to track. You just book your next appointment and receive your referral bonus. Let me take care of the rest.


* $20 discount for new clients and $20/$45 massage for existing client referral bonuses are not available on pre-paid appointments or gift cards.

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